Witnessed linux being installed from (many) floppy discs (using GNU/Linux since the SLS days). I turned to Archlinux since then, not without testing every possible distro out there, with many dating from Pleistocene and now extinct.

Ruby lover (I often use Padrino, Ramaze, Sinatra and soon Volt.rb), I also can play happily with perl, shell, python, and produce some C/C++ patches. I even can do some js or php when someone points a gun at me. Note that no gun, whatever it’s size, will make me code some lisp or prolog again.

I had much fun working with digital electronics to build anything from museum oriented devices to electronic RFID cat doors (so we don’t host cat “free parties” in our basement).

Deep knowledge of the TCP/IP stack: my next goal is to decode Ethernet frames up to the application level just looking at an hexadecimal frame dump (I won’t decode SSL though). While I can talk CatOS or IOS (the one from Cisco), I really love iptables/iproute2.

Worked extensively with various major web serving software (squid, apache, nginx, varnish, haproxy), sometimes in clustering or cloudified situations. I also love Cyrus, Redis, Mysql/Percona/MariaDB Elasticsearch and have good vibrations with postfix.

Since I’m as lazy as a sysadmin can be, I have been focusing on Ansible starting in it’s early days, writing deployment playbooks to blossom bare metal machines (or instances) into fully featured flowery clusters, and currently playing with Docker & Rancher.

Sold to CI/CD & MonitorAllTheThings™, I love the TICK stack coupled with Grafana.

Working for devops.works on webstacks architecture, operations, monitoring, infrastructure and software delivery automation.

You can hit me on LinkedIn.

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