Restoring Arch bootloader for the future self

Michel Blanc bio photo By Michel Blanc Comment
  • Grab latest Arch, create a bootable key (do this before you’re doomed)1.

  • Press F2 at boot, change the boot order to start on the key in UEFI mode

  • Boot on Arch, then

  • Cross fingers…

In case you need to reinstall all the things2:

sudo pacman -Sy `yaourt -Q | grep -v '^aur'| grep -v '^local' | cut -f2
-d'/' | awk '{ print $1 }'`
  1. Multisystem is pretty handy for this. You can put several OSes on the key, and choose what to boot. 

  2. if you don’t use yaourt, remove the grep part 

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